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Are flowers for men also?

flowers for menWe all know that women LOVE to recieve flowers but what about men? Is it a taboo to give a guy you like some nice flower? Well.. it’s hard to tell and it depends of countries as well. As I live in Northern Europe it’s not a taboo here but it’s not happening that often also. I have recived flowers for my birthday, graduation and.. that’s about it. My family memebers give me the flowers the most but sometimes the girls I have as friends do it also. It’s pretty rare to see a man giving other man some flowers, at least here.

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When I graduated univercity, my two male friends gave me couple of beers and a bag of chips that I really liked but not flowers. I guess male to male giving flowers is a bit akward and can be considered to be gay..

Anyways, even if men to men giving flowers is not that popular then female to male giving flowers is totally cool and not someting to be afraid of doing – as long as there is a reason for it. If you want to surprise your guy with some flowers for no good reason then it’s a bit akward as your man is probably not used to this kind of display of affection.


We all want to learn how to fall asleep fast and search through various writings and strategies via internet. Many of them deliver the results, some don’t. The thing that makes me ponder is: do animals dream? If they dream what are the things they dream about and do they have difficulties getting to sleep also?

Unusual sleep patterns have been found in domestic pets. Beasts that are living in the wild are more healthy in comparison to household animals. It might furthermore mean that animals with sleeping problems can’t function in the wild.

Sleep issues in animals might be primary or secondary. The secondary one can be derived from medical conditions along the lines of drug treatment, heart issues, brain tumor. The primary sleep malfunctions are due to narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Narcolepsy symptoms are: abrupt sleep episodes, abnormal daytime sleepiness, unexpected paralysis and hallucinations preceding sleep. Apnea implies cessation of breathing while in the sleep.

It is worthwhile mentioning that household animals have in addition sleeping disorder that happen with young children – wetting in sleep. Owners of pets have declared that their dogs are very well trained and obey to the commands but nevertheless from time to time wet the floor. The animals generally start urinating during the nap and often wake up during the act feeling sinful as well as surprised.

And so, as we discussed, even the dogs possess difficulties getting to sleep. Therefore in the future when you look at your pet and dream you could snooze similar to him or her – think one more time, they might think the same way back. 

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It’s generally not that simple to learn how to teach a dog to roll over in addition to do any other trick that you would like . The success of your teachings generally depend of the particular specimen. Bear in mind that different specimens learn on a different rate, just like people do. Some dog is able to learn a trick swiftly while others refuse to do the trick completely . It usually depends upon how alpha the pooch is . In cases where we are speaking of the command “roll over” then the canine is required to expose it’s stomach to you and for an alpha dog , it’s a really hard thing to do , it would make him/her vulnerable to you . Hence , be aware that you have to be unhurried with the canine . Don’t make an attempt to force it do something it clearly absolutely does not wish to do . And also bear in mind , the entire studying part needs to be fun for the pooch and thus ought to usually last only 5-10 short minutes . If it’s any longer then the dog easily gets uninterested .

Hence , if we would like to teach our furry friend a few cool dog tricks then how do we get it done ? The most crucial thing is to make sure to be very precise in the words you say together with the movements you decide to do when giving a command . It is equally crucially essential to reward the pet after its performance of the trick . If you don’t award him/her then he/she doesn’t have the motivation to perform the trick the next time . It acknowledges that carrying out the trick does not have any benefit making it useless to undertake it . If the canine sees that you actually reward him/her then he/she recognizes that it will be profitable to do the trick .

You must be very clear and use the exact same voice , tone together with motion while giving the command . In case you fail to do that then the animal simply fails to understand you . He/she is unable to see the pattern and just pays zero attention on it . You can learn what treats to give to the dog here.

If you find yourself thinking about how to kill fleas then chances are you must be having problems with them. There are several homemade remedies present out there but they have a tendency to be useless for the reason that they do not consist IGR. IGR helps prevent the fleas turning into maturity. It’s somewhat a growth hormone disturber. Without IGR it is rather very hard to prevent the grownup fleas from laying new eggs.

There are additional well known techniques for instance making your puppy wear a flea collar but that could be risky because the collar emits hazardous toxic elements into the environment which can be deadly if used frequently on the pup. So what cures are there?

The most favored one it to work with specific sprays, flea bombs and also flea combs that include IGR. If you wish to eradicate fleas from your dog then the first thing would be to wash the dog and then comb it. Make certain to wash the dog in soapy water because the soap in the water destroys usually almost all of the fleas.

If you are planning to know how to get rid of fleas in your house then it’s encouraged to utilize specific sprays or flea bombs. Just make sure to leave the residence when utilizing those since they are harmful for your health. It’s important to notice that you should constantly clean the sleeping areas of your dog since they are the most popular spots the fleas stay.

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