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Have you ever wondered if animals are having sleep problems?

We all want to learn how to fall asleep fast and search through various writings and strategies via internet. Many of them deliver the results, some don’t. The thing that makes me ponder is: do animals dream? If they dream what are the things they dream about and do they have difficulties getting to sleep also?

Unusual sleep patterns have been found in domestic pets. Beasts that are living in the wild are more healthy in comparison to household animals. It might furthermore mean that animals with sleeping problems can’t function in the wild.

Sleep issues in animals might be primary or secondary. The secondary one can be derived from medical conditions along the lines of drug treatment, heart issues, brain tumor. The primary sleep malfunctions are due to narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Narcolepsy symptoms are: abrupt sleep episodes, abnormal daytime sleepiness, unexpected paralysis and hallucinations preceding sleep. Apnea implies cessation of breathing while in the sleep.

It is worthwhile mentioning that household animals have in addition sleeping disorder that happen with young children – wetting in sleep. Owners of pets have declared that their dogs are very well trained and obey to the commands but nevertheless from time to time wet the floor. The animals generally start urinating during the nap and often wake up during the act feeling sinful as well as surprised.

And so, as we discussed, even the dogs possess difficulties getting to sleep. Therefore in the future when you look at your pet and dream you could snooze similar to him or her – think one more time, they might think the same way back. 

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